A hike along the Taevaskoja-Kiidjärve-Valgesoo trails

/A hike along the Taevaskoja-Kiidjärve-Valgesoo trails
A hike along the Taevaskoja-Kiidjärve-Valgesoo trails 2018-06-04T17:45:48+00:00

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price from 33 €

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0-5 h
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A hike along the Taevaskoja-Kiidjärve-Valgesoo trails

We will be hiking in the picturesque Ahja river valley and enjoying the scenic views from the high sandstone outcrops. We will learn about local wildlife and the bog landscape in Valgesoo, listen to the silence in different types of forests, and discuss the pros and cons of production of hydropower as the cause for the damming of the river. Depending on the season, we will be picking blueberries or mushrooms and perhaps also swim in the bracing river. We will also make a visit to Taevaskoda – one of the largest natural sights in Estonia.

  • The length of the trip: 5-15 km/3-5 h, depending on the particular interests of the group and the desired tempo
  • Sights: Ahja river valley, high sandstone crops, forests, Taevaskoda, Valgesoo bog
  • Group size: 2-6 people (ask for an offer if coming alone; 6+ as a special order)
  • Price: from 25 €/person (the exact price depends on the size of the group – contact us!)
  • Transport: a free door-to-door transport from Tartu
  • Location: 45 km/40 min from Tartu
  • Food: not included in the price
  • Language: English/Estonian

NB! All our hikes and trips are for small groups, which means that: a) with the help of a personal approach we might really learn something new; b) there is a greater chance of noticing someone in the wilderness; and c) we will not be leaving a noticeable trace behind.

Extra: it is possible to combine this hike with other sights in the area, such as Piusa caves and Värska, and turn this into a day-trip on wheels. Ask for more information, if interested!

  • There is an old saying in Estonia: “There is no bad weather, just inadequate clothing.” The choice of right clothing is one of the prerequisites of a pleasant hiking experience.
  • When it comes to hiking clothes in Estonia, the key word is definitely layers! You can remove and add layers as the journey progresses and should the weather change. It is recommended to bring a raincoat or a jacket even in the summer to protect yourself from unexpected bouts of rain. The most suitable shoes are closed, waterproof shoes that you can walk in on a wet bog surface.
  • In the summer, we recommend that you bring swimwear and a towel, as we may come across scenic forest lakes or bog ponds that just might encourage a quick dip. You should also bring some food and water to drink. We will also be offering you some local snacks and hot herbal tea.